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Business Advisory and Consulting Services

The Business Advisory and Consulting division of NEO Business Advisors brings over a decade of experience in business management, operations, growth, and turnaround to the challenges facing your business today. We specialize in manufacturing and industrial B2B service businesses like yours. We will work together to assess the current state of your business and prepare an action plan for how to address the challenges.

Consulting arrangements can take many forms and be as hands on as needed. From a quick look under the hood of the business with some high-level recommendations to a full-time contract CEO, we can prepare an option that best fits the needs of you and your business.

Business Consulting Services

Areas of Expertise

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

NEO Business Advisors can develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to help you break through a sales plateau to grow market share with existing customers and target new customer and markets.

Short Term Investments

Business Operations

We understand how successful businesses operate. NEO Business Advisors can analyze your operations and provide recommendations to improve operational efficiencies, address bottlenecks, and fuel growth.

Financial Management

NEO Business Advisors knows main street and lower middle market businesses have to keep a close eye on costs. We can identify cost centers and find ways to maximize profit margins at every stage of growth.

Strategic Planning

Many small businesses operate without a plan. NEO Business Advisors can help your team create a business plan for growth and make sure the right people, are in the right places, doing the right things, for the right customers.

Exit Succession Planning

Exit/Succession Planning

It is important for any small business to make succession planning a part of their business plan and growth strategy. NEO Business Advisors can help you plan and execute your exit and succession plan to transition from ownership to retirement.

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NEO Business Advisors specializes in manufacturing, industrial B2B service, and distribution businesses throughout Ohio and the surrounding states of the Great Lakes region. 




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